Believers in Scientology, the Scientologists here have a strongly advice to let the church of Scientology by it’s behaviors to take a personality test. Maybe he sources of the reactive mind that is awaken by sound critics or sound advice like a book of facts in the topics can awake to the Scientology influenced individual.

Mike Rinder and Aaron Smith-Levin

Mike Rinder with Aaron Smith-Levin at the Loop in the Pool of Scientology and Scinetological tunnel-sight.  Halo from the pool of water that loops in the rain of memories and bounces up a little circular again. That slash-pack in dot com. Backslashes the flashback and so on.

The best way to contact Aaron Smith-Levin is through watching one of his many videos and comment on his YouTube channel Scientology Growing up, or if it sound to impossibly it might even have been Growing up in Scientology.

Aaron Smith-Levin with Mike Rinder

Aaron Smith-Leven Formerly in the Sea-Org with ex Scientology member Mike Rinder formerly the leader of Scientology church of intelligence operations OSA the Office of Special affairs, a paramilitary part of Scientology earlier named Guardians office.

Mike Rinder now blogs about his life and are much better of outside of Scinetology, he tells us with a smile.

Aaron Smith-Levin

Scientology hate websites can spead picture the person self does not want distributed. And this might be strictly directed from the time of L Ron Hubbard in the command. Here we have (just like Scientology Photosphoped a picture) shown an image from the Scientology Hate websites, but covered the Crying Aaron Smith Levin with the stringent Guitar playing LRH.

One does not need to cry because Scientology can be very evil. But one can thank that there is help from the cult out there.