This website is about Aaron Smith-Levin or even more correctly the Scientology hate website Aaron Smith-Levin got just hours after he had been taking a part of the Leah Remini TV-show Scientology and the Aftermath.

Aaron Smith-Levin
Aaron Smith-Levin

Leah Remini TV-Show on A & E Scientology and the Aftermath

Leah Remini Scientology the aftermath

Emmy awarded and strictly unpopular int

o the hardcore Scientologists – the person much into Scientology.  Many Scientologists aren’t really able to see the Leah Remini shows because of it is not counted as “Halal” or “Kosher” as anything else it seems rather so that a Scientologist into the watching of the Aftermath show would be taken to a Interrogation about their eventual potentials of hostile activity towards the church of Scientology (according to what a source told us). The Sect Check it is called and is basically a new name for a interrogation with a lie detecting tool that really measures the electrical resistance through your body from the contacts area of holding one can in each handgrip. So both the unconscious strengths of holding the cans as well as sweat and other events play plays parts into the outcome of this interrogation at your cos.

So for those who havent been living halal and kosher according to the Scientology internal shields from reality by not watching the show or even possibly by leaving the cult there was one move left for the leadership to show that only very bad persons leave somethings as good as the cults of scientology. And here comes the strangely odd Commercial Hate Websites of Scientology, that tells the world how very bad the person is that has left scientology and had spoken out about it. The commercial value is strictly internal, the herd keeps the group in one place… a safe place of certainty where only the tasteless individual even gets the idea of leaving.

Leah Remini with Mike Rinder and Aaron Smith Levin in Scientology the Aftermath

This is actually also what happened to Lea Rimini herself when she started to asking where her Friend Shelly Miscavige was. The strange and odd answers just increased Leah Remini’s curiosity- And the last answers she got was – You haven’t got the fucking rank to ask that questions according to our sources. Shelly Miscavige is the wife of the leaders of Dianetics and Scientology today David Miscavige.

Scientology-the-aftermath-&-fractal-in-gLeah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath Frataline

Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath and some contributors telling their story from the deep inside of a cult called Scientology.

Scientology Google washing

Beyond the Scientology Google Washing that a long time made fact sites about Scientology more or less invisible and painted the defectors in black by the hate sites and the Stalker sites of Scientology.


So this as much about the TV-Show by Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath as about Aaron Smith-Levin as a personality starting with Aa…


Non of the persons engaged in the writings here are into the Church of Scientology or likes to have any twitter account or blog, website erased in part or total art by selfish ex members of Scientology or Scientologists. Or a former Homo Novis that can not respect an ordinarily Homo Sapiens. Especially not when the item is leading in image search and top 3 in Googling central terms. How shortsighted can you get?

-a good way to erase thing you dont understand or can see the function of? then you for sure prefer the alternatives.

Scientology celebrity Charles Manson

One very famous Scientology Celebrity dies recently, Charles Manson. But he did not get one of those Scientology Stalker websites or Scientology Hate Website. Probably it would give Scientology an association from reality and not from the nice things the business of Scientology loves to associate with, as a church for example.

L Ron Hubbard the bridge

Up on the central bridge drive-driven by LRH Desire to drive-driven