Why Scientology not recruit Clearwater citizens

hi everyone welcome back growing up in Scientology it’s been a while since I’ve done just a one-on-one or you know solo YouTube live-stream and I’ve been I’ve been hearing some concerns lately about what might happen when we successfully bring people back to downtown Clearwater and I wanted to address something on this subject so and it has to do with if we bring a ton of non Scientologists back to downtown Clearwater

aren’t we providing the church with this huge recruitment pool aren’t we bring aren’t we doing what the church wants by bringing a lot of people into proximity of the church’s properties in downtown Clearwater and the answer is absolutely not but before I get into the details on this let me just quickly let some people know that we’re doing this and then we’ll get started this isn’t going to be a very long video oh all right give me a sec here all right that ought to do it okay hi everyone I see everyone logging in hi hi hi okay so here’s what I wanted to explain to to everyone and there’s a lot of things I want to say on this subject but else I want to make it brief and sometimes I go off in a bunch of different tangents at once so some things that are happening as far as bringing clear water back to life I got it upset sometimes be careful on how I phrase what we’re doing because I’m not trying to make it sound like it’s it’s a war with Scientology I think it’s very easy to say take back downtown Clearwater and I know for a lot of people that very much describes what we are doing taking back downtown Clearwater the problem with that phraseology is it sounds like we’re trying to take it away from Scientology and I know many people do feel that way but the fact is that that concept of the entire thing is not necessary oh if you actually go to downtown Clearwater you would be hard-pressed to say that Scientology controls downtown Clearwater it’s more accurate to say no one’s there like the Scientologists aren’t even there and this is something that I wanted to make clear the reason there is no downtown business district isn’t because Scientologists don’t spend money and don’t like spending money will only spend money at Scientology businesses that’s not the reason the reason is there are not enough Scientologists in Clearwater to support any business district at all there have been some restaurants some cafes some pizza shops that from time to time have opened up downtown owned by Scientologists and even those have gone out of business there simply aren’t anywhere near as many Scientologists living in the Clearwater area as the church would like people to believe the church benefits by exaggerating its numbers because it allows them to intimidate politicians and to politicians think that somehow the Scientologists represent some big voting block there’s less than I would say there’s less than

MIKE RINDER ex scientologistFormer Scientology OSA director Miker Rinder stalked by scientology hate website

Scientologists in all of Tampa Bay Tampa Bay has three million people living in it I’d say there’s less than Scientologists living in Clearwater clear waters thousand people living in it and at least half of the Scientologists who live in this area aren’t even eligible voters they’re from foreign countries and they’re here visiting or they live in other states and they just have second homes here and so the church likes to say that they live here okay so I’m trying to keep my thoughts organized did not go off on too many tangents but so so there’s a lot of there’s a lot of things being done to bring people back to downtown Clearwater Mike Rinder and I I’m not gonna get in everything that’s going on right now but Mike Rinder and I are dedicating our efforts to helping educate investors about the real condition of Scientology so that they cannot be scared off as many of them have been by the church with various threats and whatnot we are gonna help make this happen for Clearwater in whatever way that we can in the process of doing this I have learned a lot from the community lately I had the idea prior to embarking on all this I had the idea that the main reason the non Scientologists had stopped coming back to downtown Clearwater was because of all the CR members that used to be on the streets just hundreds and thousands of Sea Org members at various times of the day walking down the sidewalk in uniforms and and it’s weird and it’s oppressive and people don’t understand and it makes it uncomfortable um it turns out that even more important that because because the C remembers by the way aren’t on the streets anymore and I figured that people learning that would be a big deal um but it turns out that a lot of what I’m hear from people in the community is that they are nervous about spending money at businesses owned by Scientologists and whereas I personally don’t agree with that fear or that concern that does not negate the fact that that concern exists a lot of people in the community have that concern and and then what I’ve heard on top of that is and they simply don’t know which businesses are owned by Scientologists in downtown Clearwater

Bruno Sibyl Clearwater

Dogma and dog & Bruno Clearwater predictor by olfactory investigations


and they don’t really want to take the time to do the research and so they just don’t come to downtown clear and this actually makes a lot of sense to me that this would be true because one thing that we’ve seen recently is clear sky cafe opened up a restaurant a restaurant and bar right in downtown Clearwater this is a very reputable business owner who owns a place on the beach he owns another place and denene in two other clear sky cafe locations and nobody in the community has any doubts about whether clear sky cafe is or is not owned by a Scientologist they know that it’s not and the result is that clear sky Cafe is packed every night of the week it’s packed the streets of Clearwater could be completely empty and you go to clear sky and it’s packed so to me that is evidence that if the community has a business downtown that is an upscale nice place offers great service and they don’t have to wonder whether this business is somehow secretly owned by Scientology or Scientologists they will come and so that’s very heartening if we get the right businesses down here we get some steak houses um get some restaurants some some nice ice cream shop you know maybe a straight Hans for the locals you know what that is I think the future is very bright for Clearwater but here’s the other thing that I heard is aren’t we bringing just a bunch of a sign top it’s a bunch of people downtown for the Scientologists to recruit and that although I’m being long-winded is the purpose of this video this video is to explain why Scientology does not recruit the citizens of Clearwater into Scientology and doesn’t have to do with anything wrong with the people of Clearwater it has to do with the type of organization that flag is flag is the big Church of Scientology here in Clearwater okay as many people might know Scientology has different levels of organizations I’ll very briefly explain these the levels of organization they’re like you know Scientology has auditors right Scientology auditors deliver Scientology

counseling and the level of organization is what level of auditor they can train based on the the licensing agreements between those organizations and the Mother Church and all that kind of stuff your average Church of Scientology of which there’s about in the entire world so there’s one in Tampa Philadelphia Phoenix Dallas Houston you know it’s a you know medium sized church staff staff they’re called class organizations and they can train up to class auditors there’s tiny little miniature Scientology organizations called missions there’s one here in bel-air Florida there’s one that’s open like a few hours a week somewhere in Clearwater in someone’s apartment but the one in Bel Air if you live in Bel Air Florida and you think there’s a Church of Scientology in your town it’s called a mission and they don’t have classes because they’re not allowed to train auditors professional auditors you have your C org orgs like in Los Angeles on l ron Hubbard way you have the American Saint Hill organization you have the advanced toward of Los Angeles those are Class six organizations and Class eight organizations so at the American st. Hale you can become a Class six auditor at the advanced storm of Los Angeles you can become a Class eight Auditor and you don’t have to care about any of this at all I’m only explaining this to lead up to what flag is flag is a class twelve organization it’s one of only two class twelve organizations in the entire world of Scientology flags a class twelve organization and the ship the free winds is a class twelve organization why is this matter what am I talking about you do not get into Scientology at a class twelve organization they do not want you walking off of the streets into their doors and saying hi I’ve never heard of Scientology before I would like to learn more so the way Scientology works is you’re supposed to get into Scientology and either a mission or a class-five organization and then once you become like sort of a vetted Scientologist not a veteran a vetted they know you’re for real and you do services they will then flow you up to the higher level organizations so even on

Scientology LRH
Scientology LRH

L Ron Hubbard way in Hollywood unless a if you’re going on sunset if you want on Sunset Boulevard I think it’s East and you make that right turn onto l ron Hubbard way only one of those organizations wants you to walk in their front door and that’s Los Angeles org

L Ron Hubbard

the one right there with the big Scientology sign in the front of it the other words do not want you walking in they do not want to deal with you if you’re anything and once they figure out you’re not a Scientologist they will physically escort you to the correct organization flag the giant Church of Scientology in Clearwater does not recruit people into Scientology that’s what the Tampa org is for that’s what the Bellair mission is for now I’m not trying to create the impression that if you live in Clearwater and if you let’s say you know a bunch of Scientologists I’m not trying to say that none of them will ever try to get you into Scientology just because you live in Clearwater no they’re just not going to bring you into flag they’ll take you to Tampa they’ll take you to the Bel Air mission anyone who’s been paying much attention to Scientology knows that one of the things they do is they set up in many cities or subway stations they set up these tables they put a Dianetics books they put out a meters they do stress tests they hand out personality tests for people to take these things because they’re used as recruitment tools you’ve never seen that happen on the streets of Clearwater and this is the reason why so I’m mentioning I’m addressing this specific point just to resolve any concern that if we were to bring all the non Scientologists back to the downtown area that somehow we would be providing Scientology with a recruitment pool not the case the flag service organization the church here in Clearwater does not want non Scientologists milling all around its buildings and milling around downtown that is why despite their best efforts at fooling the city otherwise

The Lucky Anchor Irish Pub &

the bridge Clearwater

Bridge in Clearwater

the Church of Scientology and Clearwater is incapable of being an honest hard-working partner with the city of Clearwater in revitalizing this town it’s not possible because it’s against their fundamental best interests this is the reason all of the Scientologists in the in Clearwater were instructed by the Office of Special Affairs to oppose the Clearwater Marine Aquarium plans to move their central location right downtown if the Clearwater Marine Aquarium had been able to execute its plan they’re there their aquarium which is massively successful would have been either one or two blocks away from flag you would think this would be the greatest thing ever it would have been it would have been amazing for downtown

Scientology spy cam

A potential Scientology Spy cam – and how to Parkt/shift it in 10sec every 24-48h (battery time sets the limits of function)   1 looking at 3 Sunset bay dr Bellair, Clearwater, Florida,

Scientology Spy Cam Clearwater

With potentially OSA Derived parking habitual behaviorism, to change spy cam every 48h just park like this in Sunset bay dr 1 in Clearwater bend in under the hedge and change.

Clearwater the Scientologists in Clearwater were all instructed by the Office of Special Affairs to oppose any efforts to do that anywhere they could so that’s really all I wanted to say you guys know if I stay on hero too long I’ll just keep talking to never stop I will very briefly scroll through the questions and see if there’s anything relevant that I want to reply to an otherwise we’ll keep this short and sweet I do want to mention real quick pastor Willie rice of the Calvary Baptist Church held a forum last night in at his church on the subject of Scientology and I’ve met pastor Willie he’s an amazing guy he knows his stuff when it comes to Scientology he’s not just some guy who has a superficial knowledge of this subject he did a deep dive I saw the research packet of information that he had compiled and I was reading the stew and I’m like did the Church of Scientology puts it together like who wrote this thing and he’s like I did that most of my stuff was like are you kidding me this is unbelievable you have accurately summarized the entire belief system of Scientology and their their entire history in Clearwater in this little packet so this man is not fooling around and his message to the city to his parishioners was you know it’s on like either cleaner

Scientology Want to rule the world

Scientology want to rule the world


Planning to win the war

Battle plan daily weekly and time invested

The daily battle plan & the weekly battle plan with the investment


Scientology he’s gonna this city or we’re gonna have this city and they’re not taking this lightly they are gonna do everything they can to help bring the non Scientologists back to Clearwater all right let’s see questions okay somebody says what are you talking about half of Clearwater or Scientologists there are million of us oh I got it you’re kidding [Laughter] do Scientologists in the Sea Org realize they are a minority I’m not sure it depends on what you mean because the people in the Sea Org are a minority there’s only a handful of them the people in this York probably do believe everything the church tells them about how many Scientologists live in Clearwater the church wants the world to believe that there are voting Scientologists

lucky anchor bar

living within the city limits of Clearwater it is obvious from statements made by the City Council that the City Council believes those numbers because they have no way to independently verify them and it is complete horseshit all right let’s keep going is it possible that the downtown area is empty simply because it is not an efficient place to do business it seems to be a trend all over the country where downtown areas are becoming barren a valid question but the answer is no and that’s because you do have successful you do have a handful of successful businesses that have been able to stay open for a long time you have the


Capitol Theatre and again I’m gonna combine businesses that are doing well right now with businesses that have been there for a long time there’s the there’s a tie-in sushi restaurant right there in Cleveland Street there’s a new coffee shop that opened up about six months ago in the corner of Cleveland and Fort Harrison not owned by a Scientologist that place is doing fine clear sky Cafe is just packed packed packed you have Tony’s pizza that has always done well and yeah I think it’s what happens is the the building’s right across C but the businesses that I’m mentioning right now the catty-corner to the main church properties they’re like they’re like half a block a block away and what happens is the business is directly across from the


Scientology buildings half those storefronts are vacant like it’s not even that there’s businesses in there that are doing poorly no they’re vacant they can’t even get tenants because people are so afraid to the church and that’s one thing we’re helping educate business owners on is the church likes to act like a big bully but it’s all bark no bite and there’s so much evidence of that and let’s just take the Scientology in the aftermath show every show is preceded by a statement from the church on how it is all complete and utter and lies and we’re all religious bigots and we’re all just a posse of lunatics and all that I’m sorry aren’t you an organization with billions of dollars and a lot of very skilled lawyers where’s the lawsuits we’re lying where’s the lawsuits what like put your money where your mouth is the church used to sue people even if it knew it couldn’t win why aren’t they doing that with A&E why aren’t they doing that with Slauson productions weren’t they doing that with mike Rinder and Leah Remini all bark no bite they cannot get away with their anymore the way that they used to all right what else we got did you attend the service I didn’t attend the service because I had already met with pastor Willie rice previously and I’d already I’d already seen III don’t had a chance spend some time with him and know what was gonna happen and my presence wouldn’t have contributed it was it was his it was his thing and he needed to do his thing but but there were some signs there were some former Scientologists and in the at the meeting though and let’s see serious question okay I’m not gonna address that all right guys that’s all we’re gonna do for right now thanks for watching I hope this has been helpful in some way and I’ll talk to you guys soon bye

Clearwater bar Lucky Anchor (12)



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