Aaron Smith-Levin Scientology life Clarie Headley Q&A

Aaron Smith-Levin

Clarie Headley is the wife of Marc Headley author of the book Blown for Good written about a life behind the iron curtain of Scientology. The Business who love to call itself a Church since it can give tax exempts and more money left to the owner. Aaron Smith-Levin

Scientology growing up, even possible? Anyway this is from Growing up in Scientology

headley clarie mark and kids

Clarie Headley with husband Marc Headley here with … are so much better of now than ever before. Although the business of Scientology like to give another story…

Aaron Smith-Levin opens up the conversation about Scientology ….

scientology the aftermath

Scientology the aftermath and the fractal in G

-hi everyone welcome back to growing up in Scientology so today’s upload is a livestream that I did with Claire Headley in the supporters of Leah Remini Facebook group …

scientology the aftermath leah remini show

Leah Remini

if you’re not in that group go ahead and check it out we have most of the Scientology and the aftermath contributors are the moderators in that group and we answer questions about the show and about Scientology and the see organization and all that kind of stuff and so we’ve been doing these live streams in that group to keep things interesting and give us something to do and talk about between now and whatever season comes out hopefully and so on that subject I want to make a quick plug on March th we are holding a giant contributors of Scientology in the aftermath Meetup and party right in downtown Clearwater on Cleveland Street we’re gonna have the street closed down on everything it’s an event that we’re holding downtown because we want to help the city of Clearwater accomplish one of its goals which is to bring the community and business back to downtown Clearwater and to revitalize the downtown business district a lot of the feedback I’ve been getting from

Clarie Headley & Marc Headley Scientology Aftermath

people in the community is that the two main the two main reasons they don’t come downtown more or support downtown businesses more is one in the presence of the Sea Org and two a lot of people are under the impression that Scientology or Scientologists own you know all of the bars and restaurants downtown and some of them feel that if they were to patronize those businesses that that’s giving money directly to Scientology I think that’s debatable but what’s not debatable is that the bars and restaurants of downtown Clearwater are actually not owned by Scientologists and so anyone who might have a concern about that I think it’s important to know they don’t have a reason to be concerned about it when I’ve spoken about this event in the past I the title of the video where I described it was take back downtown Clearwater so there’s something I should really clarify the goal of what we’re doing here is not to have any adversarial relationship with Scientology or Scientologists the idea of taking back downtown Clearwater kind of implies some sort of a struggle between the Scientology and non Scientologists that’s not really the intention when I have in the past said take back downtown Clearwater I’m more referring to the fact that non Scientologists in this area seem to have sort of relinquished ownership or responsibility for downtown Clearwater that’s really more what I mean taking back ownership taking back occupancy come back downtown we just need to get people to come back the actual production company that puts on Scientology in the aftermath not involved in this event a-any network not involved in this event this is Meany and Mike Rinder and Mary Cohn and Kristy Collbran the local Scientology and the aftermath contributors putting on this event other contributors are going to come into town and join as well and so it’s just an independent thing that we’re doing one to sort of have a meet and greet for the contributors of the show and to get people back to downtown Clearwater I’m gonna paste a link to the Facebook page for the event in the description down below and if you want to come or if you think you might be interested and let us know about it on the page having said all that quick little blurb about

clarie headley mark headly family

Claire Headley Claire was born into Scientology her husband Marc Headley was also born into Scientology they were raised in it they joined the see organization at a very young age they spent many years up at International Management working with David Miscavige Claire particularly was a senior executive in religious Technology Center or RTC which is the organization that David Miscavige runs and controls and she has a very unique perspective and unique experiences and it’s always a pleasure to hear her answer questions and and talk about things from her point of view so without any further ado here’s my chat with Claire um so I will start with a question I have for you that I think I’d like to ask you know I would like everyone is on the show again an …

Blown for good Marc Headley -Behind the Iron curtain of Scientology

blown for good mark headley

again an opportunity to to say so you know the show has is so crunched for time and there’s so much content to fit into honestly ends up being about only to minutes of actual talking is is there anything particularly that jumps out at you is something your mark really which had been included in the show or anything like that something that you wish had not been cut for time that would be viable discussed anything particular I mean obviously I was in Scientology for years so there’s a lot that that ends up getting cut and same for mark I mean I know that though I’m though honestly I’ll say I was happy it wasn’t covered but one thing that we were talking about and shooting about that did get cut was more what Mark and I went through in terms of five years of pressure to divorce and and and a piece of that that we touched upon in the shooting is and that mark will never let me forget or forgive me for is that in in when I was in RTC and he was and got in the shoe crew and or he was the producer I think and anyway long story short Mary and pal one night just had me you know in ethics and there was no I I was not going to leave that without a serious decision on my part in regards to my relation to mark so I I connived a solution that I to me at the time was a way out of that scenario wherein I wrote him this letter that we still have and I said you know all the standard jargon of your betraying my trust and da-da-da-da-da and yada yada yada and so here’s my ears my rings back my wedding rings I send them back to him in this letter oh my god he won’t you won’t ever forgive me for that letter all right yes yes and we shot with it actually during during our episode we did this whole thing like he sat at the table he was reading this letter they the Rings dropped on the table and like they zoomed it on it and oh my god you know it’s I mean I don’t want to say it’s part of the it’s part it’s a small piece of many years of story but it was significant for us because obviously you know we’ve been married at that point years and the pressure was so extreme that I just felt it was I was in an impossible situation and that was my solution was not to fill out the divorce papers that Marion was placing in front of me or even to tell mark that I was going to divorce him but to send in my rings back still that’s what I was gonna ask you that’s what I’m gonna ask you it was the rings just sort of a symbolic what they would call in Scientology and ethics ingredients

scientology psycho

or did you actually say in there we need to get a divorce no I very like I said on my part you could say it was cunning because I didn’t say that and I didn’t intend to either it was I thought Oh bright idea my solution is this is an ethics gradient on mark to get his together because and to let him know that I’m feeling massive amounts of pressure to the point that you know I was like well I’m not gonna divorce him and I never said I was going to divorce him but that was a solution to that problem as I envisioned it while Mark didn’t quite feel the same way about it but did that make Mary Ann happy in that meeting with you were you like Mary Ann I’ve got a great idea what if I do this I know it wasn’t you know it’s not you know how it is it’s it’s much more it’s not that obvious it’s not like oh that’s brainstorm it’s you know Marian telling me for four hours how she divorced her husband who blew and that changed her life and it turned her you know turned her around as a Stewart member and therefore God’s gift to mankind is to divorce your husband and so I was working she was working me through the conditions I just knew that the end result of those conditions and at the point that I was going to be released from Marian screws was at the point that she considered that I was going to divorce mark whether or not I actually said that or not by the time we got done it was o’clock in the morning and I and and Mark I hadn’t even talked to him for I don’t know six months he was restricted to the property he was not allowed to go home so it’s not you know we were on different meal schedules it’s not like I ever saw him even so having not seen him for six months I sent him this letter ya doin girl says poor mark I know I know it was awful I know I felt so just for the record this wasn’t you being pressured to divorce mark because he blew this is just yeah he was in trouble or he was in gold he was he was a lowly piece of gold staff member which is hilarious to say because the rest of

Ex Scientologist Scientology


Scientology thinks golden era productions are like senior executives but on the international base golden era productions are like the low people on the totem pole you are after TC which is the highest organization and just because these are the kind of details I love was Marion is it who were Pow Wow Marion Marion is Marion was Marion pout in RTC telling you to divorce mark or was she the same some lower org telling you to divorce mark she was in RTC okay okay and so does mark have an argument [Music] no I never send you my rings back or he’s pissed off at you you sent me yeah I won’t ever hear the end of it okay you know it’s like one of those hard life lessons that’s interesting I was gonna add that one of the outtakes you know they had the extra footage that they did for each episode so one of the one of the ones for our episode did talk about the fact that it was me talking about David Miscavige implementing this new personnel policy for RTC where he decided in maybe that he was only gonna have people in RTC married to other people also in RTC he called it sleeping with the enemy so in other words even though I was a sirak member at the base as was Mark because Mark was in a lower organization therefore it posed a threat to David Miscavige because I could then go home and you know pillow talk with Marquez and that’s how he would put it and tell him all all the details of what David Miscavige was saying at meetings and this and that the other so it was a security threat to him and that’s why he called it sleeping with the enemy so he he very proudly announced at a meeting one day oh so did you hear about the new personnel policy I’m implementing well Shelly had told me ahead of time and I said yes sir I heard about it he said well what is it said well if you’re an RTC you can only be married to someone in our TC he said that’s right knowing damn well I’ve been married to mark for years it’s not you know it’s all intentional that’s so up it’s so up um you know it wasn’t as extremists


as you and Mark and the RTC and the gold thing well actually let me ask you how did you get away with uh so there was that policy he tried to implement I it was several years that well you said this went on for five years this sort of pressure this undercurrent that you needed the divorce Mart and you were one of the top guys parties top three people in RTC how did you get away this whole time how did you keep them at bay you know Mark was always he was either I always tell people use it either on top of the world or underneath it in the politics of the gold base so meaning he was either yeah going to meetings with

David Miscavige all the time or he was restricted …..

Scientology Africa growing or shrinking … Well this map was drawn before the latest shrinking


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