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Scientology Hate Website’s is a very strange and odd commercial feature of Scientology led by David Miscavige.

It is mostly to make the members stay into the tunnel-sight of Scientology and show that those of the high ranked members who leaves the very good things of church of scientology by L Ron Hubbard must be bad-bad humans in deep criminality filled with hate to mankind.

Aaron Smith Levin Scientology growing up

Aaron Smith-Levin
Aaron Smith-Levin

Aaron Smith-Levin’s experience of being a part of Leah Remini TV-Show Scientology and the Aftermath came quick. Just some hours later he had a Scientology hate website online and many of those who left Scientology and dare to speak you share that or a similar experience

Scientology Aftermath

Scientology in itself has like its founder a great big aberration that makes it both reactive and hyper-reactive when it receive critics from reality. That fact has time after time been proven to awake the church of Scientology in it”s will to destroy the critics and silence whatever is left of the critics words, book, videos, films or messages in general.

Leah Remini Scientology the aftermath

Aaron Smit Levin self got one of the infamous Scientology hate websites just hours after he had been into Leah Remini show Scientology the aftermath.

L Ron Hubbard wife

Sometimes can relatives like a husbond or a wife tell the story of the man seems the Scientology hate websites to say. One can always wonder if this also applies to the writer of dianetics and founder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard himself.


AaronSmithLevin-Scientology-goals AaronSmithLevin-ScientologygrowingAaronSmithLevin-Scientology-goals

Scientology and the goals of Scientology in math, Aftermath & Fractal

It effects and affects and the reactive mind towards any critics, reveals an deeper aberration in the core of Scientology from Dianetics and it’s founder L Ron Hubbard.

Aaron Smith-Levin
Aaron Smith-Levin

L Ron Hubbard sometimes is mentioned as LRH, meaning the same, the real long name is however Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.



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